Monday, January 10, 2011


I am going to Melbourne in two days, with my sister Kath and my friend Kate, to celebrate my birthday. It will be more of a celebration for Kath, I think, since it will give her time off from the kids, but I’m looking forward to it. I have never been to Melbourne before, which is not as strange as it sounds.

Reason 1: It is too far to drive. It would take days.

Reason 2: Whenever I have the money and the time and look at flights and travel times, I realise I could actually be in Vanuatu in less time for just about the same price, and you all know how I feel about Vanuatu…  ah, Vanuatu. 

But this time I am going to Melbourne, despite having nothing planned and no idea of what to expect. I could have looked it up, but I’m looking forward to going in blind. I like surprises.

Here is the brief list of things I know about Melbourne.

1. Melbourne was founded by a guy called Batman. I remember that from Grade 6 Social Studies. Who could forget it, right?

2. It has trams. Trams are what cause Victorian drivers to do the death-defying stunt known as the hook-turn. This is where, if you want to turn right, you swing as far left as possible first. Nobody knows why exactly. People just mutter mysteriously about the trams.

3. Underbelly. In Melbourne, Vince Colosimo might shoot you.

Find out about Underbelly at IMDb

4. Melbourne has a zoo.

Here endeth the lesson. After my holiday I hope to have more to share.

And, if anyone has any tips on what to see or do in Melbourne, let me know! 

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