Monday, January 10, 2011

The Queensland Floods

Time for a serious post. I don’t do serious very often, but I’ve got a good reason today.

The Queensland floods have devastated the state. For those overseas, the area affected is bigger than France and Germany combined. It is bigger than Texas. At least twenty-five towns have been flooded, and many more cut off. Approximately 200 000 people have been affected, to say nothing of businesses, farms and industries. This will cripple us for years to come.

Today, the town of Toowoomba was hit by a wall of water. Four people have been confirmed dead, and three children who were washed away remain missing. The death toll is unknown at this stage. On the 6th of January it stood at ten, but that was four long days ago. Emergency services are already stretched to breaking point. 


In 1893 in the town of Gatton a record flood peak was recorded of 16.33 metres. Last night it was at 18.92 metres.

Brisbane is bracing for tomorrow, with fears the Wivenhoe Dam won't be able to hold back the worst. The floods are now starting to affect northern New South Wales as well.

And, in the catchment areas, the rain is still falling.

Read more and see the pictures here:

To donate please visit either the Premier’s Flood Appeal  here or visit Red Cross Australia here

In Australia, phone 1800 219 028, or visit any major bank to make a donation. 

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  1. Jen, thanks for posting this info and for stopping by yesterday. The nightly news ran some horrific pictures of the flooding. Our thoughts and prayers are with your country.



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