Sunday, January 30, 2011

An update on Anthony

So, Anthony didn't show. As I post this, he is hitting Bowen. And, after a day of stressful anticipation, it's hard not to feel strangely cheated. As a mate said: I think I'll go outside, knock down a few trees, and turn the power off just do I didn't waste all that preparation. 

I prefer not to think of it as wasted preparation. I suspect Cyclone Anthony was this week's practice cyclone. Because hard on his heels comes Yasi, and she (I think she's a she, I'm not good on Fijian names) is big: 

Anthony is the teensy swirl at the bottom left. Yasi is the monster of a thing on the right currently menacing Vanuatu. The disorganised smudge at the top left is probably the one after that. It's going to be an interesting week... And, because I'm being optimistic, also the perfect time to get the inspiration for that story I've always wanted to write set during a cyclone! 

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