Monday, February 7, 2011

I've got a contract...shh!

So, something weird happened. After spending November and December querying agents and having no luck, and, worse, having an awesome agent pass on my full manuscript, I took a break. And, during that break I wrote a fairly trashy romance. Well, I think they call them romances. It's a bit of a story, a lot of fairly explicit rude bits, some conflict, and a happily-ever-after. But mainly rude bits.

I wrote it in a few weeks, a couple of hours a day, because I can't not be writing. And then, when I finished it and spell-checked it I sent it off to a publisher for practice. And, guess what? I now have a contract sitting in front of me and an editor waiting to work with me.

How the hell did that happen?

And I'm stoked, of course, because, well, shit, a publisher! But here's the thing: I have a pen name, and I will not be telling any of my friends or family what it is. I hope the book does well. I hope the readers like it. It might even turn out I have a knack for the genre, but the book will remain my dirty little secret because it's not the sort of thing I want my friends and relatives to know I wrote.

Am I being a hypocrite? Am I being a snob? Or am I just over-thinking it?

If there's anyone else out there in the same boat, I'm open to advice!


  1. Congratulations! At least tell us which publisher it is, though.

  2. Hi Sandra. Thanks for the congratulations! I am still feeling weirdly conflicted by the whole thing...

    The publisher is Loose Id. They seem to have a solid reputation, and a stable of happy authors, so it should all be good.

  3. Don't feel conflicted, you deserve your success!

  4. You're being a writer. Both Lawrence Block and Fran Lebowitz wrote the same kind of books under other names, and you should see it as another notch in your belt.

  5. Thanks Sandra and Maine!

    Maine - loved your guest post at Tahererh's blog!

  6. Thanks! That's how I got here - just saw your own post.

    By the way, Australia is about exactly opposite on the Earth where I am right now. Hello from an upside-down world.

  7. Maine,
    I am sitting in the stinking humidity, looking at the remains of my garden (thanks, Cyclone Yasi) and wishing I was somewhere with some snow! Oh well, summer is the price we pay for our temperate winters!

  8. My deck is covered in ice and my walkway has a half inch of frozen slush, bordered by two feet of back-aching snow.

    Will ship you a few cubic tons of it tomorrow.

  9. That's great,Jen. You should do what you feel comfortable doing, but a publishing contract is no mean feat. Well done!

  10. Thanks, D! That's why I'm conflicted - I'm comfortable enough writing it, I just don't want my mum to read it!

  11. LOL - gooonnee - you can tell us, we won't tell Mum, honest...

  12. Janelle, it will remain my very dirty little secret!



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