Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who is coming on the Campaign? Also, my blog is on fire.

Who is going Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Campaign? I am! I'm hoping to meet some great new people and learn lots of stuff!

Check out the guidelines on Rachael's blog  Rach Writes.

Also, my blog is on fire... not really, but the lovely Miss Cole at Miss Cole Seeks Publisher has given me an award!

Here are the questions I have to answer:

1. Are you a rutabaga?

I had to look this up to discover that I am not, and I have never been, a member of the rutabaga party.

2. Who is your current crush?

Is it weird that I say Moss from The IT Crowd? That's weird, right? Here is Moss in court: 

3. Upload a heartwarming picture that makes you smile.

This is my very messy bed on a very cold night. I had to go to work, and these two couldn't even summon up enough energy to look up. But they're kinda cute. 

4. When was the last time you ate a vine-ripened tomato?

I cannot remember. That means it’s been too long, right?

5. Name one habit that causes other people to plot your demise.

My ability to maintain eye contact and nod as though I’m listening to what you’re telling me, when in fact I drifted off with my imagination about ten minutes ago and am currently wondering about what sort of environmental disaster would turn the sky orange and how awesome it would look on a book cover. What do you mean I’m fired?

6. What’s the weirdest, most disgusting job you’ve ever had to do?

When I was in high school I did a week’s work experience with a vet. At the time I lived in a small country town. It was calving season, and I was hoping to be lucky enough to see a calf being born. When the call came in at last the vet, two university students and I piled into the jeep and headed out to the property. It had rained the night before, and when we got there it was muddy and smelled of wet dung. The unhappy cow was waiting for us in a paddock. It didn’t take the vet and the famer long to agree that the calf was dead and had been for some time. The way its weirdly slimy greenish leg was sticking out the back of the cow was kind of a giveaway. And it was stuck in there. Even when the vet got a chain around the leg and the farmer hooked it up to the tractor, it wasn’t going anywhere.  So, caesarean.  Mud, blood, and a grotesquely deformed dead calf that was eventually manipulated out of the gaping hole in the side of the cow. I can still remember helping hold the cow together while the vet stitched her back up and blood drizzled down onto my Dunlop Volleys. Then, when we were all covered in mud and blood and bits of stuff that belonged inside the cow, the grossest thing of all happened -- the farmer’s wife brought out steaming bowls of homemade pea and ham soup. Ugh. I hate pea and ham soup, but I ate it anyway to be polite.

7. Where da muffin top at?

Um, is it above the muffin bottom? 

8. What author introduced you to your genre?

I don't know! I don't think I have decided on a genre yet because I like too many different things.  

9. Describe yourself using obscure Latin words. 

Nunquam dormio - I never sleep. Damn nightwork. 

I would like to pass this award on to some awesome bloggers who always have insightful things to say about writing: 

Margo from Urban Psychopomp
Claudie from Claudie A  and
Sommer Leigh from Tell Great Stories

Together these four bloggers make up the truly awesome Wicked and Tricksy. 
If you haven't been over there yet, check it out!  


  1. I love the IT Crowd! And your cat and Labrador are so cute!

  2. STILL have possums in my roof. Not a fan.

    Nice to meet a fellow Campaigner! Now following.


  3. Wow! Someone who understands my possum torment! The cute, evil little bastards!

  4. as a brit what is it with hate possum campaign - how are they so bad? genuine interest here
    nice to meet you sorry I was out when you called - this is going to be fun

  5. Nice to meet you, I'm a fellow campaigner from Australia:) Luckily I don't have possums, only noisy bats.

  6. That is an adorable pair of animals. And they look very cosy. ^_^

    Being that we're surounded by pines, I'm pretty darn sure we've possums somewhere. As long as they don't drop on me, it's all good. >_>

  7. Pea soup and birth do not mix. I think I puked a little in my mouth on that one:)

    So cool that we are teaming up to change...or destroy...the world mwaahahaha!

  8. Fellow crusader and new follower stopping in to say hi!

  9. Oh wow, your cow story beats everything!

    Yay for campaigning! I missed the second one so I'm doing this one :D

  10. @ Alberta: Possums live in your roof and scream at one another all night long!I called the ones in my roof Sid and Nancy, and the one that squeezes in through my kitchen shutters to steal bread Johnny Rotten. They're a protected native species and something about their attitude tells me they know it!

    @ TF, LOL, I have the bats as well! I hate nature, and then it does something beautiful and I forgive it.

  11. Aldrea, they are cute, hey? But I'm biased.

    @ Deana, sorry about that! And yes, let us destroy the world. yo organise the minions and I'll build a machine that controls the weather!

  12. @ Trisha, hi! *waves*

    @ Miss Cole, I'm a first-timer as well, but looking forward to it!

    @ Margo, anytime! Because you Wicked Tricksies rock!

  13. Oh my gosh that clip was made of funny! I so need to watch that show :)

  14. Hey Jen, nice to meet you! Thanks for popping by my blog and I look forward to campaigning with you:)

  15. Yay I'm campaigning too! But I think I'm in a different campaign group. 1st timers unite!

  16. Hi, J.A! It's a great show!

    @ Hi Lindsay, nice to meet you too!

    @ Steph, it should be fun! I'm really looking forward to it!

  17. I'm looking forward to Campaigning with you!

    Congratulations on the award! That's a cute picture. :)

  18. Thanks, Golden Eagle, likewise! And the pic does make me go "aww" a bit!

  19. Is this the great possum hunter Cleo, hard at work protecting your bed?

  20. Hi Jen, fellow campaigner. Coming round to meet all my Aussie/NZer group. Possums in the roof sounds romantic but we know they're not! We once drove one for kilometres to get rid of it but guess what? It came back.


  21. MC, that's her. Ferocious, isn't she? :)

    Hi L'Aussie, good to meet you! I need I need to start a possum support group!

  22. Hi Jen. I shudder at the thought of possums in the roof ;) Congrats on your award. It's great to get to know a fellow campaigner a little better.

  23. Wow at your experience with the calf! Poor mama cow. I actually spent several years on my grandparents' cattle farm. My job was to bottle feed the calves.

    Stopping by on the campaign trail! Will post a quick intro on Thursday for fellow campaigners.

  24. I love your obscure Latin words!!! Nicely done :) Looking forward to seeing more of you on the campaign trail :)

  25. Thank you for the shout out :-) I'm a huge fan of your blog too!

    And oh oh, I'm a campaigner too! I'm very excited :-)

  26. @ Lynda, hi! Nice to meet you!

    @ Shannon, it sounds like your farm experiences are nicer than mine. Also, when I was about 8, a saddle fell on my head. I am not suited to farm life.

    @ Jolene, nice to meet you!

    @ Sommer Leigh, everybody is Campaigning, it's very exciting!

  27. Hi Jen,

    Fellow Campaigner here.

    I love your answer to #5. I wish I had that skill. Instead I just say "Are you still talking?" LOL :D

  28. Thanks, Cheryl Anne! I imagine your answer to #5 gets the same response though!

  29. Awesome to meet you Jen! I have a feeling we will get a long just fine...

    OMG @ your cow story. I am so glad I never did the vet route (which I almost did) my husband was a vet tech in college and his first job was to help artificially inseminating chickens, more specifically in collections... ahem...

  30. Hi Shelley!

    My cow story is quite disgusting! Although I'm fairly sure that artificially inseminating chickens would be kind of eugh as well. Definitely the kind of job where you want to wash your hands propertly when you've finished...

  31. Hi! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to campaigning with you! ^_^

  32. Hi Liza! Nice to meet you too!

  33. Ah! Jen! We are in the same Dystopian group!

    I was going about my way adding all my new campaigner friends to my follow list and I clicked on your blog and was like, "Haha, this looks just like my friend Jen's blog. What a coincidence."


  34. Hi Jen. Just stopping by to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know you throughout the campaign. Interesting crush you have there, too! ;)

  35. Just a heads up, I have set up a Google Reader with all of Dystopian Group 21 in it to help organize all of our . Link is:




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