Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogfest: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Blogfest time! Today it is "What I did on My Summer Vacation" which I entered despite it being winter! Hey, there was no timeframe on it. You're not the boss of me. 

My summer holiday was back in January, when it was actually summer here in Australia. I went to Melbourne. I saw penguins and trams. Not at the same time, sadly, but I can dream.

If only the world was this awesome

While all of you in the northern hemisphere have been having your summer vacations, I have been enjoying a tropical winter. A tropical winter is like any other sort of winter, except you only need a light jacket.  

Winter. Brr. Chilly. 

While my extended family is holidaying in China, the dog and I have been enjoying walks on the beach. Well, I’ve been enjoying them. Cleo’s not so sure.

Why have you brought me to this place where my feet might get wet?  

Winter in Townsville means sunny days and cool breezes. The nights can get cold, but when we say cold we mean about 5 degrees Celsius. That translates to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, apparently. 

Don’t be jealous, top-siders*. Karma will get me back in summer when my brain is melting, I feel like I am trying to sleep in a slow oven, and the only respite from the humidity and the clouds of dengue-carrying mosquitoes is the monsoonal rain. Then this: 

Ah, the Wet Season
So, what did you do on your holiday? 

Check out all the entries via Michael's blog here: What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

*this is my new slang term for people who live in the northern hemisphere.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! GORGEOUS! And such a cute little doggy. Um, so your winter does sound perfect. I hear that's what my Arizona winter will be like, but I'm not sure yet. I've only lived here since summer, and that has been HORRID.

  2. Ahhahha my dog hates getting her feet wet too! She won't walk outside when it rains unless she sees the umbrella.

    How do you get around without breakdowns during the wet season if the roads flood?

  3. Are you sure this isn't Texas?

    We have a lot in

  4. I swear your Winter was warmer than my Summer!

    I love the expression on your dog's face :-)

  5. You know, calling a town Townsville is like naming your child Son.

    And I'd actually like to holiday in Australia some day. I just wish it wasn't on the upside down side of the planet. :PP

  6. @ Barbara. Our winters are beautiful, but we pay for them with our summers as well! In summer it is either stinking hot or pouring with rain. No in between!

    @ Steph, I'm glad I don't have the only dog it he world who hates water! And in the summer we locals avoid the roads prone to flooding. Most of the flooding in the city itself occurs when the sheer volume of rain meets a high tide, and there's nowhere for the water to go, so it usually does down in a few hours.

    @ Marsha, it sounds like we do!

  7. @ Sarah, I was definitely more excited about the trip to the beach than the dog!

    @ LG. In our defence (and it's a weak defence) it was named after a guy called Towns. Still, they must have known how dumb it sounded at the time, right? Could have been worse: Towntown.

  8. Aw! Lovely doggy! <3

    I wish winters here only called for light jackets. I'm enjoying what time I have left before I have to dig out my gloves and leave for work ten minutes early so I can free my car from the ice.

  9. What a beautiful place for a tropical winter! Poor pups. I have a lab that HATED the water. Aren't they bred for retrieving in the WATER. LOL.

    Thanks for participating.

    Jen you link isn't linking back to your blog. Drop by and relink please.

  10. Super cute pup! I'd take him everyhere.

  11. @ Miss Cole. Ice. No, I don't think I could handle ice. I think ice is nature's way of telling you to take the day off and go back to bed!

    @ Michael, I believe labs are bred for that, yes! Apparently mine (and yours) would not have made the grade!

    @ Rebecca, thanks!

  12. That would be cool to see penguins on the bus! Fun summer vacation!

  13. Hmmm, interesting to have a warm winter and a cold summer. *shiver*


  14. It's spring time and Sydney is raining today. I'm going to do some edit during the school holiday.

    Did I tell you I like Townsville? I probably did.

    Every Savage Can Reproduce

  15. @ Mel, I know!

    @ Elizabeth, it's not Christmas unless you're eating seafood at the beach!

    @ Enid, you did, but you might not in summer...

  16. 41 in the winter?? We had below freezing already a couple nights in September...a week after we hit 98 above. (I have no idea what that is in celsius) Crazy weather!

  17. We were fortunate enough to be in Australia during your summer last year, but only got to see Sydney and Katoomba (Kind of. It was very, very foggy!). I hope to go back to see more of the country!

  18. Top-siders? Hmmm.
    How about up-enders? or top-ciders? or up-abovers? For one of us you could use "sir" or just plain "boss" :))

  19. @ Erica and Christy: I don't think I could handle a below-freezinf winter any more. I've become acclimatised to the tropics!

    @ Maggie, Sydney is beautiful, but you really out to see the reef and the rainforest if you can manage it!

    @ JJ, Now I am kind of picturing myself living underground like a mole, whispering to the baby moles about how we musn't burrow upwards of the up-abovers will get us!

  20. Wonderful! Great photographs. I've done a lot of traveling but have yet to see Australia.

    Nice blog you have!

  21. The only thing I love more than the pics you shared (poor Cleo!) is your term "top siders." I love it and may or may not have snorted when I read it. :)

  22. Gosh, I want to visit Australia more than any other place on earth! I didn't know you Aussies called the warm months winter and the cool months summer. I always figured it was the other way around. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  23. Well, there goes your Christmas present. Anyone want a custom-made possum-painted snow shovel?

    But seriously, cool photos. What's those mountains across the water, and in the Townsville shot, is there a trail to the top of that hill?

  24. Gorgeous photos!!!

    I went to the beach on my summer vacay. :)

  25. @ Ron, thanks for stopping by!

    @ Nancy, hi! Our seasons are the opposite from yours -- summer is in January and winter is in July. Except I'm also in the tropics, so our winter is very mild. Our summer makes up for it though - hellish!

  26. Hi MC! The big hill is called Castle Hill. I live right beside it. There are heaps of tracks going up, and a road. The view from the top is brilliant -- all the way out to the Coral Sea.

    The hills in the ocean shot are actually the end of Magnetic Island -- named by Captain Cook when his compass went crazy as he sailed past on the Endeavour 1770, btween beachings on the Great Barrier Reef.

    And that possum-painted snow shovel might still come in handy for shovelling mud in flood season!

  27. @ Alison, I do love the beach, but snow is hugely exotic to me! I've seen it three times in my life.



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