Saturday, October 1, 2011

Genre Mashups

Sometimes mashing up two genres is a great idea. Sometimes it's so great it produces an entirely new genre. Spec Fic + Historical = Steampunk. 

But sometimes you should leave well alone, as Vince and Howard from The Mighty Boosh know: 

(Although every time I watch it seems a little less crazy, and a little more so-crazy-it-might-just-work.) 

I'll be back in a few days for MonsterFest 2011. If you haven't joined that yet, you really should. It's gonna be scary fun! You can join up at Tell Great Stories or by following the link down on my sidebar.


  1. Sarah, the Mighty Boosh is full off different!

  2. I guess not all mash-ups can work.. but steampunk sure does:)

  3. Hee! That's funny XD

    I quite enjoy genre mashups, although so far, Shaun of the Dead remains the only romantic zombie comedy.

  4. I bet Russell Brand is involved somehow.

  5. TF, Steampunk is fantastic. Glam-folk, not so much.

    @ Miss Cole, I love Shaun of the Dead. A Rom Zom Com! "You've got red on you."

    @ dbs, I think the Mighty Boosh have been doing weird and surreal for longer than Russell Brand. But you can never have enough weird and surreal in the world as far as I'm concerned!

  6. I would totally agree that genre mash-ups can be really cool!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, Jen!

  7. Hi, Trisha! Mash-ups are fun!



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