Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monsterfest: A Yowie Hunt

I've been on a yowie hunt. No, not running around the bush blindly with a torch, a bad camera phone and no sense of equilibrium. I thought that for my final Monsterfest post -- and my second yowie post -- I would tell you all about chocolate yowies. And they are as magical and mysterious as their namesakes, I promise. 

When I was at school and at uni, you could get chocolate yowies everywhere. They were like Kinder Surprises. You ate the chocolate, cracked the plastic egg open, and ended up with a cheap toy whose legs fell off in five minutes. It was usually some sort of dinosaur. I got a minmi once -- they were very Australian. I seem to remember a vague environmental message as well -- there were comics and colouring books for the younger fans, but I just wanted the chocolate. Okay, and the toy. 

This is Squish. Because he was purple, he was my favourite. Hello, Squish!  

Anyway, in order to investigate why yowies were no longer on our supermarket shelves, I joined the Cadbury forums. Really, there's nothing I won't do for research: 

I was eager to track down the yowie, but I wasn't the first explorer who'd blazed this trail. No, others had been here before me. Others had sought the very answer I burned to know. 

YowieLuva wasn't buying that corporate schtick, and neither was I. I turned to Facebook, only to find that the page was losing momentum! I was too late, again!  

Defeated and helpless, I turned to YouTube. Could it be? A rare yowie sighting! 

Success! (And that environmental message I was talking about. Careful it doesn't hit you over the head. Apparently yowies don't do subtle.) 

What mythical creatures -- or chocolates -- would you like to hunt down? 


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  1. Cadbury's chocolate. Mmmmm. But I love how they made something specifically for your country and culture, because you'd never find those over here.

    I'd like to go dragon hunting in Wales... in fire-proof clothing of course ;)

  2. I've never heard of these :-)
    I wouldn't like to go monster hunting - but I would like to go hunting for peanut butter kit kats, which they made me love and then stopped making :-(

  3. So a Yowie is basically an obese kangaroo/platypus/koala bear with thug tendencies towards anyone who harms the environment? Cool. And they come in chocolate too. Brilliant!

  4. Nap the Honeygum Yowie makes me strongly suspect that Eeyore and Pooh had a baby.

    Good sleuthing!

  5. Haha, great post! My head hurts just slightly, but still...good stuff ;) I've always wanted a smaller, person size dragon...

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  6. @ Miss Cole, it WAS cool, until they stopped making them! And dragon hunting in Wales sounds like fun!

    @ Sarah Pearson, I have never heard od peanut butter kit kats, but I am intrigued! I hate it when companies do that.

    @ LG, they are quite forceful, aren't they? Yeah, I think there's a reason I never bothered with the cartoon and the associated marketing. I'll just take the chocolate and the toy, thanks.

  7. @ Maine -- argh, a mental picture! Argh, my childhood! Don't do it, Eeyore! :)

  8. @ Sarah Allen, a person-sized dragonw ould be very cool!

  9. I would hunt down lots of chocolate! Very cute post.

  10. Ooh, the Cadbury Roses used to have an awesome purple-rose-wrappered chewy chocolate... Alas, no more :( My only comfort is that I ate such vast quantities of them when they were still around!

  11. PS Sending good Yowie-finding vibes!

  12. Thanks Libby!

    @ Jolene, there's a pattern emerging! Damn you Cadbury!

  13. I would like to track down the Original Peep and ask them why in the WORLD they diversified into pink and blue peeps. Who eats a pink chick? They're supposed to be yellow!

    Curses, Jen. Now I need sugar. ASAP.

  14. TL, I don't know what Peeps are, but I agree that chicks are meant to be yellow. There's something very wrong with a blue or a pink chick. Very, very wrong.
    *whistles and closes door on chemical factory next door to hatchery*.



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