Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come in, come in!

So, you’re the main character in a WIP. How exciting! I do love to meet fictional people.

My main character, Danny, is skulking around here somewhere. By the buffet table, probably. He's going through a difficult phase. You know teenagers. Every day it's You don't understand me, and I didn't ask to be born, and When our nightmares hit the Wall, I hope they kill you first. Well, that last one might just be Danny.
So, tell me a little about yourself!
How would your main character introduce him/herself to new aquaintances? With a smile, a snarl, or something else?


  1. Nightmares hit the Wall? I AM SO INTRIGUED!

    My MC tends to insult people upon their first meeting, mostly through her own ignorance and lack of patience. It's a tough life being as clueless as she can be!

  2. Lol, I love the quirky attitude of your blog here:) Very neat!

  3. I think Danny needs an attitude adjustment. :P Actually, I've liked what I've seen of him. He's kind of snarky, which I approve of.

    My MC would likely shake your hand to find out what you have to offer. She doesn't need friends, only allies. She's very busy fighting wars and ruling a country, so she doesn't have time for a lot of chit-chat.

  4. My MC wouldn't speak to you unless you spoke first, she's shy and lacking in self-confidence at the moment.

  5. @ Thanks. Miss Cole, I aim to be intriguing! ;)

    @ LG, Danny is very snarky, but he has a massive attitude adjustment on the way... I like the sound of your MC, she has her priotities straight!

  6. Hi Mark, thanks!

    @ Sarah, your MC sounds interesting, and I'm sure she'll soon be finding reserves of strength she didn't know she had.

  7. I love, love, love, love the sounds of these MCs... mine is in pre-embryonic stages... waiting to be born...

  8. My MC is hiding in the woods, and doesn't want his name given, but he says he wouldn't mind meeting Danny. And Sarah's MC would be welcome, too, if she'd like to go for a hike.

  9. MISH, you will have to introduce her when she is here!

    MC, your MC sounds a little skittish... or is it paranoid?

  10. Well, Danny certainly does sound interesting! And I love hearing about all these different MC reactions!

    If you went up and introduced yourself to my MC, she'd probably stare at you until she determined whether or not you had anything that could be used as a weapon. If you did, she'd be wary of you. If you didn't, she'd....be wary of you

  11. Paranoia's just good thinking when everyone's out to get you.

  12. @ Francesca, it seems a lot of us have characters who tend tot he anti-social! Wary is good though, wary is smart!

    @ MC, good point! And it's not paranoia if it's true.

  13. "When our nightmares hit the Wall, I hope they kill you first."


    Kieran would just stare at them, without expression, as he studied them and decided if they were okay.

  14. Hi Shannon! I love how most of our MCs are quite anti-social! With good reason, I'm sure!

  15. Hi Danny, do cheer up. It gets better. Just ask my MC, Yo. His father wants to kill him, he's fighting in an endless war, and the woman he loves wants nothing to do with him. But, like he always says, always look on the bright side of life. that's where the double rainbows are.

    Yo would demand everyone's attention and promptly tell them all to go away when he realized how boring they were(no offense). He is a bit dramatic and flamboyant. He prefers excitement, especially when it involves him, yet he does occasionally enjoy wallowing in his own sorrow. Mostly for something to do. Living for eternity can get dreary and dull if your life was one big nauseous soup of sunshine and rainbows.

  16. Ha! Love this.

    I have two main characters (alternating PoV novel). My male, Scott, will introduce himself and start polite conversation, but you won't hear a word he says because you'll be too busy swooning. And the things he's telling you about his past? Lies. Every word.

    As for the girl *he's* swooning over (the other MC)? Yeah, good luck with April. She's likely to say a quick hello and then retreat back into her shell.
    The stuff *she* tells you about her past, if you manage to make it to the point of conversation? Well, let's just say at least she believes what she's saying is true.

    Only Scott knows otherwise. :D

    And can I just say, Maine Character - you cracked me up!

  17. @ Cookie, I love the sound of Yo! He sounds like the life of the party, who also knows how to enjoy a bit of self-pity. Yo sounds a little bit full-on for Danny to warm to, but he'd certaily admire his do-what-the-hell-he-wants attitude.

    @ Jaime, wow! I am intrigued! you'd better keep Scott away from Danny though. Danny would probably punch him in the face. Not because he's a liar -- Danny wouldn't know that -- but because he's good-looking and charming and people like him, and that's enough to push Danny's buttons. He has anger issues. He'd get on well with April though. No talking, no personal questions, that's fine with Danny.

  18. Oh, Danny can punch away, Jen. My dude's invulnerable. Although, he'd *pretend* it hurt, just to keep up appearances. So I guess that would satisfy Danny. :P

  19. Jaime, now I'm more intrigued!
    (And yes, that would satify Danny)



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