Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That Time of the Year Again...

It's NaNoWriMo season!

I'm not doing NaNo this year, for various reasons that include, but aren't limited to:

1. The day job. Some stuff going on here that needs my attention.

2. Editing. My pseudonym is working on her Second Book That Cannot Be Named, and getting into final content edits and line edits.

3. Private life. Oh yeah, I'm trying to have one of those.

But to everyone doing NaNoWriMo, this is for you:


  1. *feels important*

    Thanks! Good luck with Second Book That Cannot Be Named ;)

  2. Funny. I don't know what I'm thinking doing Nano. I'm 7 months pregnant, in school full-time, not to mention the housework. But I feel if I don't give writing a real chance now, I never will.

  3. Love Leslie Nielsen.

    And I couldn't help but look up your book at Amazon. Although something tells me this isn't what you meant.

  4. Thanks, Miss Cole!

    @ Yesenia, wow, that's a lot going on for you! Good luck!

    @ MC, LOL! No, if is definitely not "I am a Bunny" by Richard Scarry.

  5. I'm still in "NaNo Lurker Status" mode...
    I intend to lurk and eavesdrop on NaNoWriMo-ers conversations & experiences to get a feel for the whole NaNo thinggie..
    Good luck with your second book!

  6. Good luck on the editing and the "book that cannot be named". Great video clip. I decided to do NaNo and so far today I have written 212 words. I am not off to a very productive start. I am a 4th quarter kind of writer, lol.

    Congratulations on your win for the Killer Characters Blogfest.

  7. Thanks, MISH!

    And good luck, Melissa! (And thanks for the congrats...yay!)



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