Friday, November 4, 2011

A Wet Season Retrospective

It's that time of year again: the wet season. The days are humid, and the clouds are rolling in. They're bringing a sense of unease with them this time, because we've been once bitten. This time last year the wet season began with Cyclone Tasha. Then, the floods that devastated central and southern Queensland. Then here in the north, Cyclone Anthony. Four days later, the big one: Cyclone Yasi. Yasi made landfall almost exactly between Townsville and Cairns, the two most populous cities in north Queensland. Lucky for us. Not so lucky for the many smaller towns in between: 

Cardwell post-Yasi. Picture from The Brisbane Times

Port Hinchinbrook. Picture from The Brisbane Times

Tully.  Picture from The Guardian

There are more photos here: 

So this year, please Nature, we'd like less wind with our wet season. And less water. 

Here is southern Queensland in January: 

Sometimes we forget how precarious our dull, everyday lives can be. We forget that not everything goes according to the plans we make. When we're reminded, we're shaken to the core. But we keep going, because that's what people do. 

What is the weather like in your corner of the world?

I blogged about the Queensland Floods back in January, here.
I blogged about Yasi here.


  1. New England just got an early snowstorm, putting 3 million without power, but it's absolutely nothing compared to floods and cyclones. I wish you and your country a safe, calm season.

    P.S. Your cyclone post was one of the very first I read here, and I highly recommend it to all your new readers.

  2. I complain about the endless rain here in England, but really I'm very very grateful that we don't suffer.

  3. Oh, Jen. I remember those blogs. :( Keeping my fingers crossed for a MILD wet season for you!

  4. @MC, Snow fascinates me! I've only seen in twice in my life, once on a school trip and once in Europe. It's amazing stuff but the practicalities like driving in it and having fires and heating kind of confuse me.

    Hi Sarah! Last wet season was unusual - the size and strength of the cyclone and the amount of flooding. Usually it's not like that at all, and hopefully we've had our share for the next few decades.

    @TL, hi! I've got my fingers crossed as well, and a well-stocked cyclone kit just in case!

  5. I hope this season is kind to you, Jen. Up here on Vancouver Island we've got it pretty good. Not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter. Maybe a week or two of snow to add a bit of variety.

  6. We had our share, or some of it, down here in Victoria not long after Yasi passed through. I spent most of the day watching the horror unfold in Queensland on television. I hope that there wont be a repeat this year. Good wishes...

  7. I want to visit Australia. The Land Down Unda looks so amazing.

  8. I'm back home in California, and in the Sacramento area it's finally turning cool and feeling like real autumn. It's fascinating to read about how it is in Australia, though. A relative lives there, but I haven't been there yet.

  9. @ Botanist - I love snow! It's strange and exotic ;)

    @ Hi Christine. I was actually in Melbourne on holidays while Brisbane was flooding... with a friend from Brisbane who had no idea if she was going to make it home or not. We spent a lot of time glued to the TV and the internet, watching the the river peak in her home town as well -- and my old home town. Seems like the entire country flooded in January!

  10. @ Michael, it is, and usually so much nicer than in the pictures I've shown here!

    Elizabeth, it's a big enough country that there's something for everyone - deserts, rainforests, reefs, and snowfields.

    I love autumn, and I miss not having it since living in the tropics. We have two seasons here: dry (winter) and wet (summer). There's not much in-between at all.

  11. Hey Jen. We get hurricanes here in the Caribbean too--fortunately Curacao, the island where I live, isn't in the hurricane belt (we're too close to Venezuela), so we get the tail ends at most if one passes close by. Last year, though, one of those tail ends (and it was only a tropical storm, not even a hurricane) flooded the whole island for about three days. At home we got lucky: we only had about an inch of water in the house--came in through the back, exited out the front, proper cascade on the front steps and all--but friends of ours had up to a meter and a half of water inside. This year it's been pretty decent... The hurricane season's almost over, so we're keeping our fingers crossed :) I really hope you get nothing but the mildest of weather over there!

  12. Hi Guilie,
    I'm so glad my house is on stumps!
    Wishing you only the mildest weather as well!



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