Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winner of Shine, and a blog award!

Okay, so I said I'd draw Shine by Lauren Myracle in two weeks. That was three weeks ago. I have the time management skills of, um, let's say a jellyfish. I'm fairly certain jellyfish have no concept of time, right? Just washing back on the forth on the tides, floating in the warm waters of the world's oceans, weird, gelatinous, occasionally distracted by the howling screams of agony from unwary swimmers.

Random fact: Oceans confused me as a child. I thought they were a rort invented by cartographers. How can they have borders and different names? Water doesn't respect geographic boundries. IT'S ALL THE SAME OCEAN!

My random fact was entered way too late to win Shine. Miss Cole's wasn't.

Congratulations, Miss Cole, you've won a copy of Shine!

Also, today Magpie at Magpie Writes gave me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks, Magpie!

I am passing it on to:
Shannon from The Warrior Muse
And if you guys don't know Shelley from Dark Writes, you should head over there!

In other news, I am completely obsessed by this song at the moment:

Completely obsessed.

What songs are stuck in your brain this week?


  1. A jellyfish life would be perfect, wouldn't it?

    And for the song in my head, I got Jessica Bell's "Famous," from her novel's trailer. Everyone who buys the book from Amazon tomorrow gets the whole album for free.

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you!!! :D

    Great song too. Oh iTunes!

    I shall be buzzing happily all night long!

  3. @ MC, oooh! *rushes off to buy String Bridge*

  4. Congratulations, Miss Cole, and thank you for the award, Jen (also, congratulations to you for receiving it)! I appreciate it!



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