Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Evolution

2011 is the year I became a writer. I think it is, although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly, since I’ve been writing ever since I could pick up a crayon. 2011 is certainly the year I became a published writer, although not in a genre I could have predicted in a gazillion years. Life’s kinda funny like that.

2012 is going to be the year when I think hard about becoming a professional writer. By that, I mean actually setting some goals: finish the first draft in x weeks, edit in x weeks, finish the second draft in x weeks rinse, repeat. I might even get a year planner for my wall I’m that motivated. Anyone who knows me will tell you that’s as serious as it gets for me.

In 2012 I’m going to treat writing like a job, and I’m going to act like a professional. In 2012 I’m not just going to pour a glass of wine, plug into iTunes and dive straight in. Well, I’m still going to do all of those things because that’s how I write, but the difference is I will be working towards a goal.

In 2012 I will finally get my shit together.

Mind you, I’ve been saying that for years.

What are your resolutions?
Will you keep them?


  1. This was the year I became a writer too, and I think I have my blog to thank for it! I couldn't pin-point what I wanted in 2012, but you said it just right. Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like you're way ahead of me then. Writing still comes a poor third for me, behind the day job and family - both full time commitments :D

    Good luck with your goals for 2012!

  3. 'In 2012 I will finally get my shit together.'

    Best. Resolution. Ever :-)

  4. Wow, quadruple post! Sorry about that ^^;

  5. Yep... 2011 was my year for becoming a writer, too--whatever that means :) Like you, crayons were my first quill, but this was the year I decided I wasn't going to wait for "retirement" to write. I finished my first novel in three months: May 5th to Aug 15th. And then I started editing. *yawn* Still at it :) A few short stories were published this year, so I guess that makes me "published" in a way, too--not quite the high of a book, but still an achievement I'm proud of :)

    I look forward to staying in touch through 2012--that will also be a goal-oriented year for me, too, and I'll drop by for some motivation :)

  6. Your post made me smile. 2011 also made me a writer. Not in the sense that I got published but that I finally started taking writing seriously and wrote my first novel. I'll also be treating writing like a job in 2012. Might be hard at first with a baby due in January, but I am determined to write another novel or two next year as well as revise my first. I already have daily and monthly word count goals laid out. I should have started doing this years ago!

  7. I'm borrowing your resolution of getting my shit together. On top of my first resolution to keep killing my to be read pile (not as fun sounding as get my shit together but eh, not everything can be awesome).

  8. Here's to getting our shit together! I've been saying that for years, too. Happy New Year.

  9. Happy New Year everyone!

    @ Sarah: It is an awesome resolution. Like all of them it will probably fall along the wayside somewhere in early February.

    @ Miss Cole, don't apologise, it made me feel important!

  10. @ Guille, congratulations, and hopefully we'll both stay motivated this year!

    @ Yesenia, good luck with your writing goals, and congratulations on your soon-to-be arrival!

  11. Here's wishing you the very best in the coming year, both for you and your writing!

    May the possums be peaceful, may the Bunyips be bashful, and may you start off the year by reading a really good book.

  12. I hope you get there, sounds totally achievable to me. Happy New Year, Jen! And much luck to ya, as well!!

  13. @ MC: I will read a really good book...or at least the first 3 chapters!

    @ Nancy, thankyou, you too!

  14. I'm not really a New-Year-Resolution type of person, but I'm all for the setting of attainable goals!
    Have a fabulous New Year!
    See you in 2012...

  15. I think 2012 will be the year you become a professionall writer too. Feels like a year full of possibilities.


  16. You too, MISH!

    It does feel like a year where anything can happen, doesn't it, Mood? :)



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