Sunday, January 8, 2012

Emotional Blackmail

In real life, this is a bad thing. In fiction, bring it on.

Unleash the crazy.
Take me on a guilt trip.
Manipulate me. 


Whatever's on the next page, I don't want to see it coming.  

Do you like to ride an emotional roller coaster when you read?
Or did you stop at the gift shop on the way in to the emotional theme park and get a map? 


  1. I love and hate it.

    I was watching PIllars of the Earth on DVD last night and HATING that all these bad guys were getting away with their evilness. But at the same time it was so GOOD, because how in the hell were the good guys going to get out of that mess!!

    I'd already read the book, so I knew the bad guys would all get their punishment in the end, but I still hated seeing them win along the way. Grrrr and yay.

  2. It depends on how well it is executed. But it can be quite entertaining.

  3. I love the emotional roller coaster as long as it's not meant to just make your emotions get the best of you and doesn't fit in the story. I hate it especially when characters act out-of-character just to increase drama. Main thing that comes to mind is the mess the writers of Gilmore Girls made into Luke/Lorelai in the end of the 6th and onto the 7th season.

  4. I definitely want to be surprised, and to be pulled in and taken for a ride. And to worry about a favorite character and keep checking back to make sure he's okay.

    Never saw it as being manipulated, but I definitely am when someone strings me along for three hundred pages and leaves me wanting more.

  5. That's an interesting question. I like books that pull me in and make me care about the character and how he/she will solve the problems he/she faces, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a roller coaster ride. I do like to have some emotional investment, though.

  6. Love it, UNLESS it's at the end of the book and the continuation won't be out for years. DON'T MAKE ME WAAAAAIT!

    But the writer in me loves cliffhangers :P

  7. @ LG, Grr and yay exactly!

    @ Michael, so true! It all comes down to execution. If there is no payoff at the end, I hate it!

  8. @ Jenna, I think the key is drama, not melodrama! If it's melodrama, I just want to start slapping common sense in to the characters.

    Hi Elizabeth! I think the inner masochist in me likes to be manipulated just a little bit!

    @ Miss Cole: Lol! I hate that as well! I'm sort of glad I came to The Hunger Games late - read all three over a weekend with no waiting.

  9. @ MC, I love it when you have to resist the urge to skip ahead just to find out if that character is okay! Love it, because that's when I know I'm hooked.

  10. Roller coaster all the way. I wanna be screaming with my hands in the air.
    Catherine Denton



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