Sunday, March 25, 2012


At first I was excited when the IRS said that I was a non-resident alien. I thought I might get a ray gun and a taste for world domination, like this guy: 

Invader Zim
But instead I got 75 pages of instructions for a 2 page form. Holy crap. Your sitcom writers weren't exaggerating, were they? It really is that awful. 

Next year, I'm going to a professional. 

In the meantime, I'm feeling a bit like this: 

And a lot like this (lyrics NSFW): 


Anything driving you to distraction this week? 
Or to drink?


  1. Ach... your first video is blocked from viewing in the UK due to Channel 4's copyright thingy.

    The buh-stards.

    1. Damn you Channel 4! *shakes fist at the sky*

      It was Bernard from Black Books doing his taxes, and screaming "What? WHAT?!?" a lot.

    2. Ahhhh... seen that series on odd moments. Never really grabbed me though?

  2. Jen,

    I recall you saying you were 'a sucker for all things Roman' - did you watch the 'Spartacus, Blood and Sand' promo video I posted on my blog a little while back?

    If not, I highly recommend looking at it ;)

    1. I may have..ahem...acquired that series from a friend. I liked it, even though I had to watch a lot through my fingers because of the "eugh...blood...eugh...a head" factor.

      My favourite will always be HBO's Rome. The history was okaaaay, but the colour and vibrancy were fantastic.

  3. Sounds a bit like our first contact with the Canadian tax system. It took us days to navigate the maze that first year, and we didn't even have any income to declare!

    For us, now, there's free software available to do all the math for you, which is awesome. Many people still go to professionals anyway to make sure they're claiming all the right things. Knowing what to claim makes a vast difference.

    1. It's certainly been an interesting experience.
      And next year - definitely a professional.

  4. How come channel 4 block it in England when it's an English channel? weird!

    Nice to see the IRS are keeping paper-wasters in jobs :-)

    1. The IRS seems weird like that. Heaps of paper forms, and masses and masses of instructions and printable PDFs, and, yet, what about filing online? Where's that? We've had that in Australia for ages, and we're practically still in the dark ages when it comes to technology!

  5. That Black Books piece is knocker stuff.

    I'm tempted to use those lines next time they come by - if they recognize it, they get to come in and have a beer. :-)

    1. My love for Bernard Black is unparalleled in this world!

    2. If ever you are in an 'experimental' mood for UK comedy, try either (or both) of these series: The Green Wing, and Spaced.

      I think you might like them. Maybe.

      So Jen, decided to hang up your super villainess cloak yet?

    3. Never!

      I haven't watched the Green Wing, but I LOVE Spaced.
      Brian is my hero.
      Brian - "I'm an artist."
      Daisy - "Oh, what kind of thing to you do?"
      Brian - "Anger, pain, fear, aggression."



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