Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am home. I have sore feet and no money.

I am back from my road trip to Cairns.

Here are some creeks named by white Anglo-Saxon Protestant explorers:

Chinaman Creek
Frenchman Creek
Blackfellow Creek 

Here are some photos I took on Instagram (I am really quite a bad photographer): 

The Highway
The Barron Falls, Kuranda

Lake Placid...seriously, it's called that. 

And here the excuse of the guy who side-swiped my friend’s car when we were stopped at the traffic lights and he braked too late on the wet road: “It's because these tyres are really small.” 


But the most important thing I learned is that sometimes it’s great to recharge your batteries by getting away, even if you didn’t realise they needed recharging. See something new, do something different, and you’ll find yourself getting a second wind in your writing as well. 

What did you do this week? 


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time! "Henry Ross, look out!" is something I'd say for sure. hehe

    1. I think my friends thought I was mad when I looked over the edge and said in an ominous tone: "And they never found his body."

  2. It's called Lake Placid because no one's making waves in a lake with alligators in it!! Crap, what is wrong with you Australians? We killed off all our scary wildlife decades ago.

    Glad you had a good break. :))

    1. Our scary wildlife outnumbers us, LG. If we target them, we're afraid they'll get organised and retaliate.

      It was a very pretty lake, but I always feel that a lake you can't swim in is kind of a waste. Not if you're a crocodile, I guess.

  3. And here I thought Maine had the only Lake Placid with crocodiles.

    Glad you got recharged, hope your friend is okay, and I'm surprised there's not a Henry Ross Creek. What was it with those explorers?

    1. I know! Worst/funniest movie ever!

      We're okay after the car accident. Or, I should say the car thing-that-was-inevitable-if-you-drive-like-a-dickhead-and-ignore-red-lights-in-the-rain.

      I like to think Henry Ross fell to his death on the Kuranda Range. And obviously he never had a creek named after him because the other explorers weren't surprised to see him there. "Goodness! Is that an exotic person of a race or nationality different than my own? No, it's just Henry Ross. Hi, Henry."

  4. I'm sorry your feet hurt and that you have no money left, but it sounds like the road trip was exactly what you needed!

    And the picture of the falls? Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, TL! It was totally worth it.

      I'm told the falls are really impressive in the wet season.



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