Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Road Trip to Cairns

Okay, so last time this didn't work out so well and the girls' trip, or moll patrol, if you must, was postponed due to bad weather. But this time it's on! 

On Monday we're driving up the coast to Cairns! Google Maps says that it is 348 kilometres, and will take 4 and a half hours.

All I know is that the time will really fly when we've got ABBA: The Greatest Hits playing at full volume. Yes, you read that right. Screw you, I'm not ashamed. 

We will leave Townsville at about 9 am. 
We will stop in Cardwell for a pie, because that's tradition. 
I will finally get a picture of that incredibly pointy mountain whose name escapes me. 
We will get stuck behind old people towing caravans. 
I will make a note of awesome place names like Murdering Point.
It will only be four and a half hours away, but it will feel like a real holiday. 

So until next week it's a break from writing. I'll be catching up with friends, drinking wine, and enjoying tropical Cairns. 

What are your plans for the week? 


  1. Have a great trip!

    I'm starting a new job. Nowhere near as fun as travelling ;)

    1. Starting a new job is an adventure as well though! Have fun!

  2. Oh! Have fun. Murdering Point definitely sounds like the highlight of the trip. ;)

    1. There is actually a really good winery there. I always have to buy a few bottles of Murdering Point wine when I head north. Just for the name alone!

      I'm sure the story of how the place got its name is awful though!

  3. Great, now I have Fernando stuck in my head. Your fault. :P

    Have a great time. May the wine flow. And don't even think about the possum getting carried away and inviting ALL his friends over while you're gone.

    1. Fernando is my favourite Abba song!

      And now I'm terrified that when I get home I will open the door and be crushed by an avalanche of possums.

  4. As an old Irish saying goes,

    May the road be clear of caravans,
    may the wind be at your back,
    may “Another Town” lift your spirits,
    and may the spirits get you whacked.

  5. Moll have I never heard that before?? haha. Love it! I hope you have a great time :)



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