Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rhyming is Fun. Join me!

“If I lived in Bowen,” Daimon said the other night at work, “I’d start a tow truck company called Towin’ in Bowen.”

Okay, so maybe it was a slow night, or maybe we’d all had too much caffeine, but we came up with quite the comprehensive list. How could we stop? This is advertising GOLD, people! 

Horseshoe Bay Bowen: Source

The garden maintenance company – Mowin’ in Bowen
White water rafting – Rowin’ in Bowen
The travel agency – Goin’ to Bowen
The hairdresser -  Froin’ in Bowen
The tanning salon – Glowin’ in Bowen
The plumber – Flowin’ in Bowen
The storage facility – Stowin’ in Bowen
The cinema: - Now Showin’ in Bowen
The brothel – Blowin’ in Bowen. Or Hoin’ in Bown
And the new name for the Bowen Police? Po-poin’ in Bowen


If you lived in Bowen, what company would you start?


  1. Perhaps I'd start a library? Knowin' in Bowen?

    I've done word brainstorms like this. Funny what writers enjoy. . .

    1. I love it!

      Anything where you get to play with words is fun.

  2. Tattoo parlor: Samoan in Bowen

    Where it all began: Protozoan in Bowen

    And someone has to make a movie called "Froin’ in Bowen." They could even use your list as the lyrics to the theme song.

    1. Protozoan in Bowen -- LOL!

      And a movie, obviously! That way I can write the book based on the screenplay.



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