Saturday, December 15, 2012

Me-Writing VS Her-Writing

I haven’t got as much me-writing done this year.

Me-writing is what I call the stuff that you guys know about: Slightly Weird Untitled Project, Eleven, and whatever other generally-YA plot bunnies catch my attention.

But I’ve got a lot of her-writing done. Her-writing is the stuff my pseudonym does. And it brings in actual money, so, you know…yay!

It’s a balance I hope to redress in the New Year, because I love my YA stuff. In some ways it’s a lot grittier than erotic romance (look, I can write the words now without giggling!), and that’s coming from someone who is already establishing a bit of a reputation for writing fairly gritty erotic romance.

No twoo wub on my watch, bitches. Okay, there has to be a Happily Ever After — publisher stipulation — but where would be the fun in that if I didn’t get to seriously put my characters through the wringer first? No, there would be no fun at all.

Sidenote: if I started a Sadistic Writers Group, who would be with me?

Anyway. One thing I’ve discovered from talking with other writers of erotica is that there are more than a few of us trying to write other genres as well. And I think there’s a kind of weird double standard out there because sex is involved. Like you can’t possibly go from writing about adults in what I will euphemistically call “grown-up situations” (and no, I don’t mean co-signing for a mortgage), to writing about teenagers, who might think a lot about co-signing for mortgages but don’t have the requisite paperwork to take to the bank.

Might have got carried away with my metaphor there….

Writing is writing, I think, and I’m not going to make any apologies for writing what I do. I’ve said before, I see it like an apprenticeship, and I’ll bet nobody looks sideways are the guy who started off making shoes and then branched out into belts. 

I mean, you can be an artist or an artisan. But who ever heard of a starving artisan?

What do you guys think? 

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  1. Nothing against your other stuff, but I definitely think you should get more into your me-writing. Especially because it'll lead to me-reading more of those great stories.



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