Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day

Well, it's the 26th here in Australia, which means it's Australia Day. Now I could do a post all about beers and BBQs and blowflies, and then show you this: 

But that would be lazy. 

So, today, a question. Mostly for the foreigners, but anyone can jump on in. 
Have you ever read much Australian literature? 

And do you have a favourite Australian book? 

(Also, please note that these are not all the Australian books ever written. I'm fairly sure we've done more than twelve. Twelve is just the number I had when I got sick of downloading covers.)


  1. Why do you have an Australia Day, and why this day?

    Just looked it up, and it seems "the date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the huge nudist beach party and barbecue that ensued."

    My favorite Australian book is Possum Magic. But I can actually think of more Australian musicians, athletes, and actors than authors. You should have an Australian Author day. And we should, too.

    1. I should totally have an Australian author day!

      And Possum Magic remains a classic. Also, I'm sure the only reason there was a huge nudist beach party back in 1788 was because they were English, and unused to the heat.

    2. And here I thought they felt they had to set a high example of debauchery for their descendents to try to live up to. :-)

      Also, I didn't play that video yesterday 'cause I knew it would get stuck in my head, and guess what came on the radio today? And is still stuck in my head?

    3. Yes, our forefathers were a proud and dignified people...

      And nothing gets stuck in your head like Down Under. It's a classic!

  2. Happy Australia Day :D

    Tomorrow When The War Began. Loooooooove that series. Thanks for that, Australia ;)

    1. Ah, that is a fantastic series! Really, really great. We have some awesome YA stuff.

      Jasper Jones is my current favourite Aussie YA.

  3. Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussie! :)

    My fave books would be John Marsden's probably, but I do like some Aus fantasy too - Isobelle Carmody and Kate Forsyth mostly.

    1. I love Isabelle Carmody as well! I haven't read any in ages, but I was addicted a while back. it might be time to visit the library :)



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