Friday, January 4, 2013

My reading wishlist for 2013

Here is my reading wishlist for 2013.

Most of this relates to YA, because that seems to be mostly what I read. It also seems that YA is where certain trends are more apparent. 

Things I would like to see more of:

Dystopia. You know what? Dystopia might not even be trendy in 2013, but as far as I’m concerned you can never have too many nightmarish visions of near-future society. It’s a sickness, I’m sure, but I love the way that a good dystopia (would that make it a utopia?) holds up a dark mirror to our everyday society.

Normal characters. No psychics, mystical powers, super strength or ancient prophecies, thanks. I’d like to see more normal people, thrust into extraordinary circumstances, who become heroic through the strengths they already possessed.

Strong narratives and character growth. A lot of what I've been reading lately seems to be action scene + action scene + action scene. Which is great, but show me more of your characters, please. Show me what makes them tick, not just what situations they react to. 


Things I’d like to see less of:

The love triangle. Just for once, I’d like to see some teens with the ability to think beyond their hormones. Please. It’s actually become such a staple of YA fiction that it’s almost offensive: do we really believe that teens can only think about what boy or girl they want to be with, or do we just believe they’re incapable of reading anything without a Dramatic Love Triangle? If you’re going to put in a love triangle, at least mix it up a bit. Here’s one I prepared earlier: Girl likes Boy 1. Boy 1 likes Boy 2. Boy 2 hates everyone. Actually, that’s more of an open-ended rectangle, isn’t it? Let’s get geometrically creative this year.

The paranormal. I have nothing against this per se, it’s just a flooded market at the moment. You can’t turn around in a book store without stumbling into vampires, fallen angels and eldritch creatures. Throw in a love triangle, and I’m totally over it.  No. No more for a while, please. I'll wait until the floodwaters receded before I take another dabble. 

What about you? What are you sick of, and what can't you ever get enough of? 

And, you guys, if you find any awesome books, make sure you let me know! Yeah, even if they're full of vampires...


  1. The only thing I'm sick of are these Christmas chocolates, and that's my own damn fault. :p

    And I'd love to read about that open-ended rectangle. There isn't a pop song for that one.

    1. You still have Christmas chocolates left? I don't think mine lasted past Boxing Day.

      I do like my open-ended rectangle. My favourite thing about it is that nothing gets resolved, because there are more important things going on for my characters like who is crushing on who. Which is how life should be!

  2. I love when teens help save the world, and I love magic and creatures and dystopia. But sometimes I kind of miss YA realism. Steve Kluger is my favoritest YA/Regular A crossover author ever. Look at that--teens dealing with everyday situations in hilarious ways. And no vampires. No wars to save humanity.

    I'll give anything well-written a go, and I love YA stuff from all sub-genres. But I'll always have a soft spot for the epic in the ordinary.

    1. The epic in the ordinary...what a great way to say it!

      And yes, I totally agree. Let's look for the heroic in the everyman, and the epic in the every day!

  3. I love a good dystopia! Not sure what that says about me?

    1. I'm totally the same, monkeyboyzmum! If you ever find out what it says about us, let me know! :)



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