Thursday, February 28, 2013

I don't even like beer, but...

Welcome to another Jen-got-busy-and-holy-crap-it-was-time-to-post-something post, proudly brought to you by Jen's work, Jen's pseudonym, and Jen's sleep patterns. What do you mean it's Thursday? What do you mean it's February

This week I am showcasing beer commercials. I don't like beer, except for this sort: 
It's passionfruit beer, people. 

And yeah, I'm pretty sure it doesn't make me a beer drinker. It just confirms my status as a girl. 

Anyway, beer. I don't like the product, but I love the advertising. Here are a few of my favourites, from Aussie breweries: 

From the ridiculous, to the strangely sublime: 

And my personal favourite: 

Oh well, back to my cider. 

Care to share your favourite ads? 


  1. Oh, that first one had me chuckling bad, and I adore the second one - kept backing it up to see how they did it. Strangely sublime are the perfect words for it.

    A lot of the third one went over my head, but I love that phrase "chuck a sickie," and one of my favorite Super Bowl ads was this one.

  2. I love that the guys who chucked a sickie are marching with their hands over their faces...

    That Super Bowl ad is hilarious! Great set up, and great punch line!



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