Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog hiatus!

Well, in a few days I am off to Brisbane for my cousin's wedding. I'm taking my laptop, but probably won't have time to do any blogging. And of course I had nothing pre-planned. Because...well, you all know me by now. 

Also, I don't know if I'll have much time to even do any writing. I heard a nasty rumour I might be sharing a hotel room with my 8 year old nephew. So I'm thinking I'll be spending most of my time telling spooky stories and getting into bed at a reasonable hour. 

Here is a spooky story Tom began to tell the other day: 

Tom: Once upon a time there was a boy called Tom and a girl called Meg. And there was a skeleton. And it came up the stairs, and Meg was really scared, but Tom kicked it in the nuts--

Me: What?!? 

Tom: Nuts isn't a rude word. 

Me: It is when you mean testicles. 

Tom: Can I finish my story? 

Me: I'm telling on you to your mum. 

Tom: Fine. Can I finish the story first? 

Me: Okay then. Just don't say nuts. 


So, see you guys sometime after Easter! 

In the meantime, keep writing! 


  1. Hahaha, awesome!

    Have a great time :D

  2. You, of all people, to tell him he can't say nuts! Nuts, I say! : p

    Actually I thought you were going to point out how that wouldn't bother a skeleton much. In fact, if you'd like to keep Tom up all night, you can tell him how he'd only get his foot caught in the skeleton's bones, and the skeleton would then seize his leg and mercilessly pull him in towards its cold, clacking teeth...

  3. But if he's a skeleton, how does he have nuts?! That would bother me way more than the "bad" word.

    I hope the wedding goes well!

  4. Now why didn't I think of the obvious answer. Of course skeletons don't have nuts!

    And MC, next time we're telling scary stories, I'm tagging you in!



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