Friday, June 28, 2013

Healesville to The Mornington Peninsula: Also Cold

Healesville is so pretty. It's the kind of Australia you see on the postcards. Or painted by the Heidelberg School. All smoky blues and iron barks. I was expecting the Man from Snowy River to appear at any moment, but, as you know, geography isn't my strong point. 

There were horses, parrots, magpies, cows...and those most exotic animals of all (for a couple of town kids): 

From Healesville we moved on to the Mornington Peninsula. Geography, again, is not my strong point, but Google Maps confirmed for me that this bit of water here is Bass Strait. Hello over there, Tasmania! HELLO??!!? 

And let me apologise now for the weird framing effect at the top of my photos. No, I'm not trying to be artistic. I just have a crappy phone case. 

Where are you finding your inspiration this week? 


  1. Now that's some scenery I'm used to. Could be anywhere from Kentucky to New Hampshire.

    And that second photo is also great and could be a perfect book cover: The Case of the Crappy Phone Case.

    Enjoy your adventure!

  2. It looks so much like where I live. I can't believe it's on the other side of the planet. I'd certainly call it a beautiful inspiration.

    1. It is beautiful scenery, and there is a lot of inspiration to be found :)



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