Friday, June 21, 2013

We're All Going On A (Winter) Holiday

So, it's holiday time again...yay! For the next three weeks I will be in Melbourne. For the first two with family, then I think I have two sad and lonely days on my own (YES! Writing time!) and then the gang from work* arrive for the last week for shopping, a concert, and possibly an AFL game. Because we don't know the rules and we don't follow the game, but when in Melbourne... 

There's just one thing I'm not at all looking forward to. And for once I don't mean Jetstar... 

It's gonna be cold, you guys. Like, proper winter cold. Which I haven't done in years. I am so used to tropical cold that when I inspected my thermal underwear this morning (I have no pride), it appears to have turned into some sort of moth hatchery. I'm taking it anyway (I have no pride). 

This is tropical cold: Hmm. It's winter. Better turn the fan off. 

Or: Holy crap. I'm freezing. Maybe I should put some shoes on. 

Or: How cold was it last night? I had to get a blanket out and everything. 

Proper cold may kill me. 

But, if I don't die, I'll be posting more sporadically than usual, and hopefully finding some fun stuff to blog about. Because, you know me. I have nothing planned. 

See you all soon! 

* In exciting news for local criminals, I have no idea who is staffing the station for this period, because not only does it seem like everyone has got leave at the same time, we're all going to Melbourne as well. I can't count the number of conversations I've had over the past month that have ended up with, "Wait, you'll be in Melbourne then too? What pub are we meeting in?" The answer is, of course, all of them. All the pubs. See you there. 


  1. I just did a little figuring with the latitudes and discovered that in North American terms you're basically going from Jamaica to Washington, DC. And yeah, that's definitely going to be chilly and call for thermal underoos.

    Have fun, send us notes of your adventures, and if AFL means American Football League, I hope you see a great game!

    1. Australian football, MC! Aussie Rules.

      But I will definitely have fun, if I don't die of the cold, and I'm looking forward to adventures!

  2. I froze in Melbourne in March. Two days later it was sweltering. Here in NZ we are having a "1 in 10 year" weather event, which means lots of the white stuff. Love the stealth kitty. Mine took a look at the outside world this morning and promptly decided to curl up on my bed.

    1. NZ looks crazy cold at the moment!

  3. Stay warm! I'll send some of my summer your way :). Have a nice holiday.



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