Monday, June 17, 2013

Who's on Goodreads?

Okay, so I'm finally taking the plunge and joining Goodreads. 

I mean, I joined like eons ago, but I'm actually going to start using it. 

It was totally on my list, I promise. 

My pseudonym is very active over there though. And yeah, I'm sure I'll screw up eventually and out myself by getting confused as to who I'm logged in as... oh well. If I do, just don't tell my Mum, okay? 

So if anyone's already over there, and has some good recs, you'll find me as Jensbookshelf. 

And now I'm off to read a few books so my shelves aren't so pitifully bare. Like this lady's: 

Did anyone else wonder why she didn't eat the dog, or was that just me? 


  1. I, too, joined a while ago, and just started actually using it.

    If I happen to discover your pseudonym, can I friend her as well? One can never have too many friends. :-)

    1. I definitely have to use it more, even though I can imagine getting myself into all sorts of pseudonym-related difficulties.
      And "if" you find my pseudonym?


  2. Duh, dog tastes TERRIBLE.

    Have fun on Goodreads :)

    1. Thanks, JE!

      And you know, I think I'd at least try the dog.

  3. I find myself going to Goodreads to read reviews before I buy them... just sent you a friend request;)

    1. I check reviews before I buy as well. Some five stars, some one stars, and see if I can decide whether it's worth the gamble. Thanks for the friend request!



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