Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A thousand words...

Do you know who I really hate? 

(Not really.) 

I really hate people who can draw. You know the ones. The artistic ones who can take an idea, and put it down on paper, and it doesn't look like this: 

Self Portrait with Stripy Socks - Jen, 2013

Which I made earlier. 

And photographers, I really hate photographers. 

(Not really.) 

And it all comes back to that old saying: 


When I was at school, I hung out with people who were good at drawing. Hi, Shelley! Hi, Gary! You talented bastards... And I was insanely jealous of them. It shows, right? I was insanely jealous because I wanted to be like them. I wanted to make pictures that were visually arresting, and, well, not crap. 

I was moderately talented at art. I made some earrings that my art teacher paid money for. But that was on the crafty side, not the fine arts side. When it comes to fine arts, I have whatever the artistic equivalent is of a tin ear. 

Note: I also have a tin ear and wanted desperately to be able to sing, but that's another story. 

But I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. I really do. Just not my pictures. 

Which is why, back in the day, I decided that okay, if I couldn't do the pictures, I'd do the best damn thousand words that I could. Because I also believe the flipside: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a thousand words are worth a picture. 

Written your thousand words today? 


  1. I totally hate those talented jerks, too. It's their own fault for working so hard to be good at it. But at least sometimes a good sentence is worth more than ten million words.

    1. Oh, that is absolutely true. A good sentence is much more than the sum of its parts.

      And yeah, damn those jerks for working so hard. Damn them!

  2. Anyone who puts striped socks on a stick figure has an artist in them.

    But yeah, I can't draw worth a crap, either. And while I'm good at photography, I've always found writing more challenging and creative and meaningful.

    Actually, it's easier in many ways - if you want three cows in a field, you just type "three cows." You don't need to go borrow them and tie them in place with anvils for the sunrise, which then turns out to be cloudy and you got to go untie three pissed-off cows.

    But to get the right tone and simplicity and clarity of those three cows in a field, at sunrise in winter, all looking east in the hope of spring... that takes a writer. Or a painter. Or someone really good with Photoshop. : p

    1. That is a great point about writing that I didn't consider!

      Three cows.

      Hmmm... I wonder if photographers hate writers for having it too easy. The light's not right today, you say? IT IS IN MY UNIVERSE!



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