Sunday, October 6, 2013


Does anyone else use Calibre

I'm not using it for much at the moment, apart from converting my own files into mobi so I can read them on my Kindle, but so far I'm loving it. 

PDFs on Kindle are just crappy to read. 

And now it's all exciting because my former Word docs and PDFs look like real books. And, once they look like real books, I start to treat them like real books too. 

No, that's not a messy Word doc with no plot structure or character development. That's a real book

It's all about perceptions

Which means that suddenly I'm reading it like a reader would. I'm noticing things like character arcs and themes and, well, whether or not the whole thing hangs together okay or not. Because when it's a crappy file on my computer, I can cut and paste and tear the hell out of it and still not quite see where I'm going wrong. But when it looks like a real book, for some reason I turn off my writing brain (which is manic, and runs entirely on caffeine and the crazier effects of sleep deprivation) and turn on my reader brain, which works on an entirely different level. 

Also, I get to cart my drafts with me to work and go over them there. 

And hello, check out my awesome Kindle cover: 

KleverCase do a whole range of covers. You can check them out here


  1. I don't have an e-reader, but now I'm thinking of getting one just so I can make a really cool cover for it. :-)

    And reading as a reader is so important. To do just that, Maggie Steifvater will print up one copy of her manuscript at Lulu, so it looks like a real book. But an e-book is even quicker and better 'cause you won't be so tempted to scribble in the margins.

    1. It's amazing how different it looks when it's suddenly a book!



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