Saturday, November 30, 2013

My First Thanksgiving

So, I had my first Thanksgiving the other night. This is because my American co-writer was in town. So here is what I learned: 

Pumpkin pie is really nice. I mean, shockingly nice. I don't really like pumpkin that much, but wow. Pumpkin pie is awesome! 

I don't think I could handle being put on the spot and told to name things I'm thankful for. These would be my answers: 

1. Um, everything? 

2. My co-writer who made me and my extended family dinner, and was a lovely guest, and has an evil sense of humour, and drank a lot of wine with me. 

3. That kangaroo we saw the other day at the wildlife park that punched a duck. Because I feel now that my life is complete. 

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and now I feel I know what Americans are feeling now: Wow, that was a great meal. Holy crap, it's less than a month until Christmas! 


  1. That is EXACTLY how it happens. Once we emerge from our food comas, we realize we have to start shopping, hence the advent of our Black Friday the day after.

    I wish I could have seen a kangaroo on Thanksgiving :)

  2. Glad to hear your co-writer brought you into our festivities! I've never had pumpkin pie, so now you're more American than me.

    And I hope the duck deserved it!

    1. The duck totally deserved it :)

      Poor kangaroo. You could tell this was his burden. All he wanted was to be fed grain unmolested, and ducks just kept getting all up in his face. So he punched them. But in a tired, half-hearted done-this-a-thousand-times-already-today kind of manner. Such a world weary kangaroo!



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