Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I hate Spring Cleaning. Which you might be able to tell, since I've delayed it until summer. Also, you only have to see my house to know. 

Anyway, the other day I got a guy in to clean the walls. They had mould on them. Don't judge me for it; this is the tropics. I was going to do them myself, but then I remembered I have eleven foot ceilings and a credit card, so a professional cleaner seemed like the better option. 

Anyway, this meant I had to shift anything that might be breakable from any furniture that had to be moved, and also take things off all the walls. This is what I learned during the course of that terrible day: 

1. I have too much stuff. Seriously. Except I tried to pass this thing on to my sister since it was something I had no use for, and then it turned out it was a thing she'd given me for Christmas. Whoops. 

2. I am not the sort of person who can be trusted to remember anything. I'll take my iPod off the charger, I thought, in case it gets knocked over. I'll put it here, in this safe place. I now cannot remember that safe place. 

3. I am not good at being locked out of my house or, on the other hand, being inside my house when a workman is there. I just want to be inside my house and I want everyone to go home, in case I want to nap or write or listen to music up really loud. You know, if I could find my iPod. Which I'm sure is still in a really safe place. 

4. I have decided to stop buying people useless trinkety stuff, in the hope that they stop buying it for me. Remember a few years ago when decorative candles were all the rage? I have so many decorative candles that next time a cyclone hits and I'm without power for days, I'll be able to navigate in the gloom using only my sense of smell. Ah, vanilla. I've reached the bedroom. To get to the bathroom, head for the sandalwood and turn left at the green apple.  

5. I definitely put my iPod in something, or on something. And I think it was somewhere in the spare room. Unless it was my bedroom. 

6. Or one of my many bags. 

7. Or somewhere else entirely. 

8. I also didn't find either of the umbrellas I've managed to lose between last wet season and this one. My house is literally five rooms. Bedroom, spare bedroom, office, bathroom, and the rest is an open plan space that contains the kitchen, living and dining areas. How is it possible to misplace two different umbrellas in such a small space? 

But at least it's over now, and the house is clean. Most of my stuff is still lying around though, so getting everything back in order is going to take a few days. Not because it's hard work, but because I keep putting it off to do important things like watch TV. 

Oh, and if anyone finds a little old silver iPod with playlists on it called "music to slash your wrists to", "sexually ambiguous" and "say my name, bitch", that's mine. 


How's your week going? 


  1. Well, I recently went through a little writer blockage and ended up cleaning every closet and cupboard in my house. I don't recommend it unless you're really stuck. But I do know where my iPod is. :)

    And as Steve will tell you, no doubt, the most important thing is you know where your towel is, so there's that.

    1. I ALWAYS know where my towel is :)

  2. I'm sure this is the first time anyone's ever written, "I have eleven foot ceilings and a credit card." And no one could've done it better. :-)

    Hope you've found your iPod by now. Too bad it isn't an iPhone, where you could call yourself and hear it ring. Though I don't think that would help if you were calling from work.

    And yes, hang onto your towel. No telling when that Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal will wander in.

    Speaking of which, has your co-writer arrived yet? And is she still alive?

    1. I have actually found my iPod! Very exciting. It was not in the room I thought it was in. I had sensibly put it in my work bag in my bedroom.

      My co-writer is still in the wilds of NZ, and out of internet range for the next few days. I think she is hunting hobbits.

  3. If I find that iPod, I think I'll make it mine because those sound awesome. But I don't think your safe place was the United States. Seems unlikely.

    1. I am so excited to have my iPod back. Of course I spent hours yesterday looking for it in every place I could think of, then woke up this morning and went straight to my work bag. There it was!

      Sometimes my memory is like a computer. When it goes wrong you have shutdown and restart.

  4. You're right on this one. Some people don't have the time, or the motivation to do some major cleaning. Daily clean-ups are great, but a major cleaning done by a professional gets rid of unwanted stuff, aside from cleaning every nook and cranny of the house.

    Apple Volpe @ MaidPro



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