Wednesday, December 4, 2013

OMG. That's a quarter of a year.

Guess what? 

Come on, guess! 

Actually, don't, because you won't get it. 

Last Friday night I worked my last shift at my day job for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. I put in for this leave years ago, given that it's over the Christmas holiday period and you have got to get in really early for that, because I was planning an overseas trip that fell through. And I thought, well, I can cancel my leave...or I can take THREE WHOLE MONTHS off. 

I did the second one. 

So for the next three months, I get to try being a full time writer, with the bonus safety net of a regular wage. That is a quarter of a year! 

I have a list. With dates on that things are due by. I currently have five things under contract. Of those five things, one is at final line edits, one is still doing the back and forth, two are waiting for edits, and the fifth thing is...

Oh, the fifth thing. The fifth thing is under contract, but then my publisher said, "I really want a second book from the other character's POV." 

"Sure," I said. Act cool, Jen, act cool. "I can do that." 

I can do that. By February. 

There's also this other thing that I want to have at least plotted, and this excellent call for a short story that would be totally my thing if I could write it by December 31. 

So it's not holidays so much as an intensive labour camp. Which is awesome, because, seriously, who saw this coming? Making money at writing? Hell yes. 

So I have a list, and I have dates, and for once in my life I am going to be ORGANISED. 

This is me: 

Not this: 

No, no, no. Not that at all. 

*looks down at pyjamas and quietly panics* 

What is everyone else doing over the holiday season? 


  1. Three months! That's the best vacation ever. Although I guess it's less a vacation and more a job switch :). Have fun being a full time writer!

    1. Thanks, JE! As long as I don't become the second picture, I'll be fine!

  2. yay for you! three months of writing time seems like the ultimate luxury - but for me, whenever I get some bonus time (husband takes kids for day, I go on a weekend retreat to Quaker farm with no internet) I never accomplish as much as I think I will. (I am NOT saying this applies to you. I am saying I am a slack bastard) For me, the more I have going on in my non writing life, the more I get done writing. When I have unlimited time, I tend to freeze, deer/headlights like. So, crack the whip and stay away from the beer - and the very best of luck this holiday season!

    1. Lol! I'm kind of worried it might be me as well! But I won't know unless I try :)



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