Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two weeks in and the schedule is already off...

Okay, so I knew that my writing schedule wouldn't last. Because, hello? Me. Schedule. It was probably never going to happen. 

The good news is I have met my actual writing obligations. Edits, done, done, done, and doing... So that's the heavy lifting out of the way at least, right? However, I have missed both of my self-imposed deadlines for plotting the new books. And for some reason that's okay, because I've actually started writing both of them. Have no idea where they're going yet, but I'm used to that! 

The editing I had to do took longer than I thought with one book, and absolutely no time at all with the others. So that kind of evened out. What really swallowed the hours were the posts I had to write for blog tours. 

I am pretty bad at self-promo. So is my co-author. And then we remembered, a few days ago, that one of our books is coming out on the 17th. Which, for those of you as bad at maths as myself, is less than a week. 

Okay. So that left us with two options: 

We went with the first. 

Luckily, we found some wonderfully generous bloggers who were happy to host us at such short notice. We found six of them. Next job: we had to find six ways to talk about the same thing without being repetitive. And also without jamming that whole BUY THIS BOOK down people's throats. 

It's sometimes a tricky balance. As a reader, I get really annoyed by those constant blog posts that are nothing more than a sales pitch. But give me a funny story or something actually interesting, and I'll read your post. I might even check out your book. 

So after some frantic writing and a random email exchange about super villains and sea turtles (not at all related), we finally got that done. 

And I was sitting here feeling really proud of myself. And then I remembered I hadn't paid the guy who mows my lawn. And he was here three days ago. 

Excuse me while I head over to internet banking. 

And may you all be more organised than me. In everything. 


  1. One clever way to get people to want to read your book is to not tell them what it's called. : p

    Now off to search for erotic super villain sea turtles...

    1. It would not surprise me if there is such a thing as erotic super villain sea turtles. Someone informed me the other day that there is dinosaur/cavewoman erotica. I don't know what offends me the most -- the idea that it's even a thing, or the fact that some people might still think people and dinosaurs lived at the same time...

  2. Sounds like you're doing great with writing, outlines or no. Good luck with the promotion stuff. I know nothing about that stuff. I hope you guys think up some cool ideas (for me to maybe copy someday :)

    1. If I ever come up with something good, I'll be happy to let you copy it! So far it's just blog tours, which are fun but time-comsuming. Social networking is this HUGE thing, and I'm really bad at organising my time around it!



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