Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seriously? A nightmarish pictorial adventure.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos. It was late, and I was hysterical.

So, just when you think the nightmare is over... 

For months, nothing. 

When my American co-author visited and wanted to see them...nothing. 

And then, two nights ago: 

My kitchen. 3.30 a.m. 

Not only had it started again, but it's started with a really dumb one. 

If I don't look at her, she can't see me. 

It's okay, I thought. It'll climb up the shutters and get out the same way it got in. 

 No, wait...what are you..?'ve passed the way out. THAT'S TOO HIGH!

Oh God. I can't even... Maybe if I open the door beside you, you'll go out that way. 

I have no pictorial evidence for what happened next. I was too busy screaming and jumping around. 

What happened was that as I stepped forward to open the door, Cleo saw the possum. And the possum saw Cleo. 



The possum launched itself toward the door -- not the back door unfortunately. The study door, which I was standing in front of. I do remember it running between my legs, but then I sort of lost track of it. I sort of lost track of everything except mindless panic. I had a firm hold on mindless panic. 

Anyway, a few minutes later when I gradually calmed the hell down, I noticed that at least one furry creature had used the back door. In the torrential rain. 

Hey! Guess what? It's raining out here! 

It's okay. I don't need a towel. I'll dry myself on the walls. 

Leaving Cleo to wipe up, I went looking for the possum in my study. And ah, there it was: 

At this point, I admitted defeat -- I've always been a slow learner -- and closed the study door and went to bed. There are shutters in the study as well. I figured the possum would find its own way out by morning. 

And, I figured, at least I'd scared that possum so badly that it wouldn't come into my house again for a while, right? RIGHT? 


Last night. Midnight. My bathroom. 

Okay, so it was back. At least this time it would be smart enough to get straight back out the shutters, right? RIGHT? 

What is WRONG with you??? 

The worst thing is, I really needed to go to the toilet. That's the toilet there, in the bottom of the photo. 

So I went to the toilet with a towel on my head. 

I've lost this war. And my dignity. 

Send help. 


  1. Oh my. I feel guilty for chuckling so much.

    Is this the spawn of Johnny Rotten and Siouxsie? Or has a new family lineage begun at your possum lodge?

  2. OMG it's so CUTE!! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry... But it's SO CUTE!!! Now, if it were an American possum, I'd be screaming all the way over here.

  3. Aw. Your friend is back. To wreak havoc in your life. And Cleo doesn't seem to be helping.

  4. You guys, it was absolutely nuts. And JE, Cleo never helps. Never/



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