Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I was watching one of those reality TV shows this week -- don't judge me. Somehow I'd lost the will to live and was unable to change channels. And it got me to thinking: what’s with all the reality shows aimed at wannabe singers? What about us authors? Not that I’d want to be on a reality show, but you know … some recognition of different forms of creative art would be nice. Writers have dreams too! And origin stories. And heartbreak and obstacles and stuff.

I would watch a show about writers. Because I think that writing is absolutely fascinating – but I think a lot of the stuff that occupies my thoughts is fascinating. Otherwise I wouldn’t constantly get distracted by it when I was supposed to be doing other stuff. Like paying attention at work.

But while I think writing is fascinating – the entire process from plot bunny through to finished book – I do admit that it might make for some really boring TV.

Day 3: Jen wanders around in her pyjamas, humming tunelessly and staring at the sky.

Day 9:  Jen spends three and a half hours at the laptop. Then takes a nap.

Day 10: Jen starts laughing at something she writes. Then deletes it.

Day 15: Tensions occur in the house when the housemates realise that they haven’t been alone this whole time.

Day 18: The housemates engage in a five hour discussion of what “high concept” means. Nobody knows the answer.

Day 22: Rumours of an agent sighting, while exciting, prove false. 

Day 25: A crisis. The Internet crashes.  The housemates turn to wine.

Day 26: The housemates sleep until noon and later get into an argument about which POV is best.

Day 32: The network replaces the show with reruns of Neighbours from the 1980s. Neighbours rates higher.


Would people want to watch you write? Or do you keep all the drama on the page?


  1. Shows about writers are a tricky thing. Usually it's shown in a montage, like in "Shakespeare in Love." They get the boring stuff out of the way and then get the writer back in bed with someone. : p

    There actually was a cable show over here about a group of authors, but never watched it, and can't recall what it was called. QED.

    1. Huh! I wonder if it was an interesting show. I can't imagine that it would be. I don't think writers make for great reality TV.

      You're right. We're more montage material. Us and martial artists...



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