Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good work, me!

I think I’ve finally figured out what I like about the editing process.

I mean, apart from turning a word document into an actual published book.

It’s the comments from the editor, you guys.

Yes, it turns out that I’m the same kid I was when I started school at four. Give me the editorial equivalent of an elephant GOOD WORK stamp, and I’m yours for life.  


You know how they always say that kids need boundaries? It turns out I’ve never grown out of that. I love it when an editor sends back notes and tells me what I need to do. I mean, I hate the actual amount of work involved, but I love being told what I need to do and when I need to have it done by.

For the same reason, I love flash fiction. Tell me the rules, give me the word count and the prompt, and I am all over it! It’s when I don’t have those rules, or those deadlines, or that guidance, that I tend to get myself into a mess.

Enough writerly rope to hang myself, or something. It's like this, but not as cute: 


This is why editors are all sorts of awesome. They’re the ones who untangle me from whatever mess I’ve managed to get myself into. They’re the ones who gently remind me to beware my love of passive verbs, and, that if I really don’t know how to use a semi-colon, then perhaps I shouldn’t. At the same time, they point out the plot holes, the characters’ very out-of-character behaviour, and the fact that just a second ago it was night time, but now they’re standing outside in the sunlight.

Editors are the greatest. And do you know what the craziest thing is? Even though they’ve worked hard on making your book a far better book than it was before they ever touched it, editors still step back and let you take all the credit.

How cool is that?


  1. Haven't worked with editors, but beta readers make me feel the same way. You want to elephant stamp every page they send back.

    1. Betas are the greatest! I like when they give me lots of exclamation marks and smiley faces.



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