Saturday, June 28, 2014

I am not a morning person

I am not a morning person. 

Nobody told the cat. 

This morning, at 4.30, I was awoke to this: 

Then this: 

And then I was awake. The sort of awake that it's impossible to ignore. Okay, I thought, I'll go and write. 

Writing on Facebook counts, doesn't it? 

No, no it doesn't. 

What the hell, I thought when the clock ticked slowly closer to 6 a.m., I'm up. Might as well go for a walk. 

So I did. 

It was kind of a lonely walk. Cleo is much too old and arthritic to join me. So it was just me, my iPod, and my thoughts. 

My thoughts, in the morning, are not what anyone would call cohesive. 

Anyway, here are some things I thought about on my walk. 

It's probably too dark to go for a walk. 

Does my phone have a flash setting? 

Yes, although apparently I can't be trusted with it. 

Fig trees are incredibly creepy. 

Nature is quite lovely. 

But, also, quite boring. 

This is a tropical winter, BTW. 

I should buy a boat! 

No. I should not buy a boat. That is my dumbest idea ever. 

Oh, look. Someone stole my street sign again. 

I bet it was someone called Henry. 

But here's the most important thought I had on my walk: 

Next time, when I go for a walk, I will wear underpants with better elastic. That way I won't have to stop every ten steps to hitch my pants up. 

There is no photographic evidence for that. 

You're welcome. 


  1. lol, what a fluffy alarm clock you have there.

    Tropical winter sounds like something I could get used to ;)

    1. She is a very fluffy alarm clock. Sadly, I have yet to find the button you press to turn her off.

      Tropical winters are lovely. We make up for them with monstrous summers.

  2. My thoughts on your thoughts:

    What a nice countryside.

    Is that a tower on that hill?

    Is that flash photo of a Yowie?

    That's what you call winter?

    Why's someone stealing her street light?

    Next time don't bother with underpants at all. Or even pants. Then someone will be sure to give you a ride into work. : p

    1. 1. Yes, it is lovely, except every leaf is potentially hiding a venomous spider and/or snake.

      2. There is an old building on the hill. Not sure what its purpose is.

      3. No, that was a yowie trying to take a flash photo of me.

      4. Sad, right?

      5. And that totally should have been "street sign". This is what happens when I blog after no sleep.
      And, also, all those other times.




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