Sunday, July 13, 2014

Answer this question...

In my last post, I talked a little about writing down ideas so you can do blog posts for promo. Today, I’m talking a little about interviews.

I quite enjoy doing interviews on people’s blogs, because, with editing, I can sound much smarter and more amusing then I am in real life. In real life, over half of my statements being with “Um”. The other half begin with a shrug and a sigh. But on paper…move over Dorothy Parker.  (I wished.)

One thing I’ve noticed with interviews, is that invariably you will get asked when you decided to become a writer. For me, and I suspect for most other writers out there, this is difficult to answer. It’s not like I was happily living my life one day and, having just read a great book, suddenly had a lightbulb moment: Why, I bet I could write one of those things!

I’ve always written. From the moment I could. Well, even before.

From the moment I could talk, I wrote a diary. Well, my mum did all the writing parts. But basically, she would ask “What did we do today?” I would tell her, and she would write it down. A toddler’s full day usually compressed into one or two sentences:

I fell over.
I ate cheese.
I paddled in the sea.

When I was about four, I wrote my nan a poem about mice. This was the poem:

I think mice
are nice.

I believe it was illustrated.


Writing is one of life’s cheapest pleasures. It only takes a notebook and a pen, or a piece of paper and a crayon, and you’re all set up. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where books were valued. We all read. It was the most natural progression in the world to write as well. I’ve always been a writer. I wish I had some Road to Damascus moment to share about it, some superhero origin story, but I don’t. You might as well ask me when I first decided to start convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

And yes, writing is a bit like breathing. Pretty sure I’d die if I couldn’t do it.

What about you? Do you have an origin story I could steal hear?

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  1. Oh, so you tell us how it's an impossible question and then turn around and ask us. : p

    My answer's the same, and can be summed up with what some actor said - that all kids imagine things and act and paint and write and sing. Creative people are just those who never stopped.



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