Blog Awards

My first blog award is from Margo at Urban Psychopomp

Thanks, Margo! 

My second is from Teralyn at A Writer's Journey.

Thanks, Teralyn! 

My third is from L.G. Smith at Bards and Prophets.
Thanks, L.G! 

Also, I got the Versatile Blogger Award from The Patient Dreamer.
Thanks, Patient Dreamer! 

And here is an award from Brit at Pages and Stardust.

Thanks, Brit!
And also thanks to  Krista at I Take The Pen, and TB McKenzie at Magickless.

 Miss Cole at Miss Cole Seeks Publisher gave me this burny award: 

Thanks to Margo at Urban Psychopomp for the 7x7 Link Award! 
(I initially panicked when I thought it was a maths question.)
Marian Allen also gave me this award. Thanks, Marian! 

Thanks, Sheri, from Finding Joy in the Journey. 
You're sweet as well! And now I want pavlova. 

Magpie at Magpie Writes thinks my blog is lovely.
I think hers is lovely too!

Rebecca Kiel thinks I'm a smart cookie! 
She's pretty clever herself. 


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